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Do You Hate Your Job? – How Would You Like To:

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Andrew wanted those things too! So he attended a seminar in America hosted by Bill Myers and made copious notes. Andrew returned to the UK, resigned from his job and from his spare room started his business. Copying ideas from Bill Myers” Seminar and adapting them to suit the Uk market, Andrew went on to bank £Millions.

Copy This Idea Book - Andrew and me

Now it’s your turn!

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If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself – what better way is there than to copy the success of someone who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. With no prior knowledge of this business, Andrew went from being broke to earning over £50 Million in just 10 years. Of course it’s quite a bit more now!
Copy This Idea Book - Andrew and me

Copy This Idea Book Review

I’m writing this review as someone who has not only met Andrew Reynolds, but also copying the ideas he reveals in his new book Copy This Idea.
I can tell you first hand that Andrew really is just an ordinary bloke who stumbled on a great way to make money. When I spoke to him in Brighton he revealed to me that only about %5 of his students actually take action. The information he provides is priceless and those that do take action go on to do very well.
Fortunately for you and I the blossoming of the internet makes the whole process a lot easier than it was for Andrew. With internet marketing and online spending soaring there has never been a better time to start an online business.

Copy This Idea is  easy to read with each organised chapter broken down into the strategies Andrew used to earn millions.

There is no secret here. With a lot of effort and determination you could replicate his process. Many of these strategies are available on the internet. You just need to know where to look while avoiding the many sites that just want to scam you. I have found it a lot easier with his coaching.

The book, Copy This Idea introduces you to the same business model that Andrew still uses today. By claiming your free copy Andrew is going to help you with a “Kick Start” by lining up these bonuses for you:

Copy This Idea - Bonuses

Copy This Idea Book & Bonuses

DVD’s featuring‘The 500,000 Challenge’, ‘The Millionaire Secrets’ and ‘How I Pulled in Over £50 Million’

In addition to getting the Copy This Idea Book you will receive 6 months of his “Copy These Ideas” monthly newsletter and the first Module of his best selling Cash On Demand Course. Plus you can take advantage of a personal consultation with Andrew himself. This gives you every opportunity to see if this process is a fit for you.

The only question that remains is…Will you be one of the %5 of people that go on to take action?!

Copy This Idea - Free Book and Bonuses