SFI Marketing Group

SFI Marketing GroupSFI Marketing Group has it’s own page for on reason. It takes affiliate marketing, e-commerce, penny auctions and games and rolls them all up into one single platform…

Perfect for beginners at affiliate marketing.

Strong Future International started in 1998 with just a single product which they only delivered to the United States.

Today SFI has over 90,000 products which they can deliver to 190 countries worldwide!

Intentionally created to allow any novice with Internet access and a computer the ability to become part of the worldwide phenomenon which e-commerce has become.

Becoming an affiliate for SFI (for FREE) you can make commissions from marketing and selling the aforementioned 90,000+ products.

That said there are no obligations or purchase requirements of any kind.

Registered affiliates are readily provided with professionally designed Websites to market SFI’s many products on the Internet.

All the rigamarole of customer service, payment processing and product fulfilment are taken care of by SFI. Affiliates can also augment their income by building and leading affiliate groups.

SFI Stability

The track record of a company will give a good indication of it’s continued success.

Celebrating 18 years in business, the SFI Marketing Group has already generated millions of dollars in annual sales. From those sales they have already paid millions of dollars in commissions to many thousands of their worldwide affiliates.

Registered with Dun and Bradstreet, SFI’s parent company, Carson Services, Inc., has been trading for 32 years. This means SFI affiliates can build their businesses safe in the knowledge that they are associated with a successful, debt free company.

SFI Leadership

SFI Marketing Group CEO, Gery CarsonSFI Marketing Group Founder, President and CEO, Gery Carson, was one of the top marketers and a record breaking distributer for several direct sales companies between 1985 and 1998.

As well as being a successful magazine publisher, for over two decades Gery has been a leading force in both the Internet Marketing and Direct Mail Industries.

His entrepreneurial enterprises have been recognised in publications such as “Opportunity World Magazine,””Upline,” and “Money Maker’s Monthly,” as well as several books and videos.

He was also named in “Outstanding Young Men of America” list in 1992 and in the “Who’s Who in the Media and Communications” in 1997.

 In 1998, Gery’s new goal was to create a game-changing program enabling millions of people around the world to enrich and empower their lives utilising the Internet.

One of the fastest growing companies of it’s kind with over 14,000 new affiliate joining last week alone, Gery may well achieve his goal!

Why don’t you check out the site… You’l see what I mean! Click here: SFI Marketing Group

SFI Store: Triple Clicks

Launched January 2009 and currently featuring over 93,000 products and services (with hundred’s added weekly!), including closeouts, money saving offers and exclusive deals, Triple Clicks allows SFI affiliates to earn decent commissions by marketing these products and services.

Triple Clicks

Triple Clicks offer other potential for income with their Pricebenders Penny Auctions, (similar to madbidz.com) and their Eager Zebra games. Triple Clicks also offer a listing facility for members to list and sell any unwanted items and a chance to win a share of $1700 in prizes daily!